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Originally Posted by dissident View Post
i'm talking critically regarded, not mainstream. the show was far from a mainstream success. and your condescending "middle america hicks" bullshit is immature and shows me that you either watched 10 minutes of a random episode and formed your whole opinion on that or you're just a liar who didn't watch it at all. either way, you're being a moron right now.
alright alright i take back middle america jab, that was uncalled for. the premise of the show is boring to me, no matter the writing or critical acclaim or acting. i've watched seasons of that show, i just don't care about it.

why the fuck are you getting pissed, net of the negative comment i made? because i'm not ballwashing the show or don't feel it's good? have i watched every second? no, but i think watching a couple seasons allows me to make a statement about. if you find a TV show or book or movie series boring, who in their right mind would continue to be emotionally invested in it?

does that help?
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Originally Posted by Mersh View Post
Shut the fuck up you filthy whore. Jesuit school has made you soft.

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