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Originally Posted by dissident View Post
yeah, it's regarded as one of the best shows ever put together for a reason bub. one of the most realistic depictions of family and community that i've ever seen. the acting is mindblowing and the characters are fully realized and suck you in. it's definitely a middle America family drama but the idea that a vampire show is deeper than that is fucking absurd. don't be a dumbass, you're much better than this. this is NiCK level posting right there
i'm not a fan of True Blood by ANY MEANS...I just don't logically see how middle america hicks can compare with glowing fairy bombs and shapeshifting. regardless of the acting

i just find that show boring is all

edit: also - mainstream music acts such as lady gaga / country / rap stars new albums are "regarded" as awesome or super cool...i could give a poop about any of those stars/genres
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Shut the fuck up you filthy whore. Jesuit school has made you soft.
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