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Can't just pick one thing.

I'd like to see Rashawn gone for, at the very least, one whole year/tour.

The return of Butch.

This studio album:

1. Loving Wings
2. JTR
3. Shotgun
4. The Idea of You
5. Kill The King
6. Blue Water
7. Sweet Up & Down
8. Crazy Easy
9. Granny
10. #40
11. Sugar Will
12. Joy Ride
13. Break Free
14. Loving Wings (Reprise)

For the band to tour 15 or so major US cities, 2 shows/nights in each city; 1 show at a smaller theater venue, and then one show in a larger arena venue. The smaller theater shows would be a WH members only show and the larger arena show would be general public sale.

For the band to start using opening acts again, especially using lesser known bands/artists, maybe even some local bands and artists in that particular city/state.
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