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Originally Posted by ggies View Post
A very insightful article into the inevitable change of our transportation system. The author lists the negative impacts autonomous EVs will have on our society, but gives proactive examples of what we can do to be ready for this change.

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This is a pretty important point that really might be better suited for the Politics thread, but we're standing on the edge right now of a few technologies that will severely disrupt our economy. Self-driving cars (and, by extension, self-driving trucks) will decimate an entire sector of the economy, with no ready solutions as to where those people will go when their industry is basically shuttered.

We can't really stop this technology from happening, and the end result may be very beneficial for a lot of people, but there's going to be a lot of pain for millions of people while the changeover happens.
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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
What's this about 'extended delay?' Hardened boarders know TDC was only down for two days: the day it went down, and the day it went back up.
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