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Two articles on coal.

First: [Only registered users can see links.]

Earlier this year the state passed legislation that requires utilities to stop generating electricity from coal by 2030.
After the legislation passed, Pacific Power put out a request for bids for renewable energy projects, and developers came back with prices much lower than expected.
Pacific Power spokesperson Ry Schwark. “We went out in the market and found that there is such an amount of renewable energy coming online in the next couple of years that we were basically able to move our coal-free compliance date up two years to 2028” without much of a rate impact on consumers, he said.
And then to follow, transitioning the jobs: [Only registered users can see links.]

Turek said SEI focused on recruiting miners by going to workforce offices, other career transitioning programs and using their own connections with the coal-mining sector. He said the miners’ focus on safety, as well as their experience with mechanics and electrical engineering, can be easily transferred to the solar industry.
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