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Originally Posted by .Gary. View Post
The very fact that Sony hasn't made any serious adjustments to the PS controller in over a decade should tell you something.
It's a popular controller utilized by a ton of legacy software? Actually, what I think it really tells you is that it's a solid design and not worth rocking the boat over attempts to improve it (see: the horrid backlash Sony got over the boomerang controller above) -- though, in no way does that mean it's a design that cannot be improved upon. The main problem is it's still based on a design and layout from a time when the D-Pad was the most prominent input device. The thumbsticks were thrown on the bottom for the 3D games coming out to compete with the N64, but the basic design of the controller was still geared towards one thumb on the D-Pad, one thumb on the face buttons.

Really, the genius of a 360 pad is that it takes the best controller ever made (the original Dual Shock) and swaps the two input devices (D-Pad and Analog Stick) so that you can play today's games with your hands in the same position as you had them for the older games.

All a matter of opinion, though. I had years of muscle-memory on the PS1/PS2 controller that made moving to the Xbox an awkward experience, but I'm starting to prefer it to my DS3.
- Matt

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
What's this about 'extended delay?' Hardened boarders know TDC was only down for two days: the day it went down, and the day it went back up.
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