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Originally Posted by NiCK Crush View Post
XBOX's has one of the clunkiest, most awkward, uncomfortable gaming controller ever designed, in my opinion.
Three years ago, before I bought my 360, I would've agreed with you. I think the real issue is that most console gamers have been using some form of the PS DualShock controller since the mid-90s. Using it is second nature to most people who followed the upgrade path of PS1 > PS2 > PS3. Switching to a new controller feels odd, after so many years of the same exact thing.

But, really, once you get used to it, I think the 360's pad provides a much better experience for games like COD. The thumbstick layout seems more natural, and the triggers feel perfect for aiming and shooting.

It's all a matter of personal taste, though. I like using my PS3 controller for games like Madden and NCAA a lot more than my 360, and I overwhelmingly prefer my 360 controller for games like COD.
- Matt

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
What's this about 'extended delay?' Hardened boarders know TDC was only down for two days: the day it went down, and the day it went back up.
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