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Originally Posted by mjf View Post
Spence, if you're reading this as a guest, don't get offended when I say this, but that's only part true. I agree if you get really butthurt all the time from a single person, message boards (and pretty much life) isn't for you. I did slow down reading the forums though for awhile when he had the highest # of posts in almost every single thread... and usually twice as much as the 2nd highest poster in that thread. I'm sure I'm exaggerating- but it felt like this forum became 50% of his opininon, 25% of users arguing with him or defending themselvs, and 25% the rest normal conversation. The lowest point was when people started putting disclaimers before all their opinions before they posted

I agreed with most of what he posted, and thought it was funny how butthurt people got sometimes. But I don't wanna read one persons opinion 65,000+ fucking times

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