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I go back and forth regularly as to whether I like being back home in TX.

I live in a suburban town south of Ft. Worth. But I'm at the furthest south end of the town which is pretty rural. Both Ft. Worth and Dallas are within a 45 min drive for me. In either city, things are much better, but out where I am it's miserable.

Upshot: the food, people are always smiling and are genuinely nice on the surface, so many stars at night, cost of living is decent

Downshot: it is so fucking hot here, way too many ignorant people outside the cities (and it's a bad time to be around ignorant people), every highway is a tollroad these days, traffic

Both mine and my wife's family are within about 10 minutes of our house, which is good and bad. At least the kids are getting to see their grandparents, aunts, and uncles regularly. All that being said, I'm frequently reminded how much I miss living in Northern VA. The food sucked and the people could be rude as hell, but at least they weren't focused on making other people's lives miserable . . . oh and seasons, Virginia has seasons (what a concept!)

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