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Originally Posted by Tomacco View Post
I find all these LiveTrax, RT2, Recently and UTTAD re-releases depressing. Not only do they make me feel old as shit, but this is the pinnacle move of a nostalgia band. Instead of a focus on the future, they just re-package the past.
These albums are actually 20 years old and really don't impact whether the band wants to get in the studio, though, right? I get that they make you feel old as shit. Truth is, if you got UTTAD back around when it came out or shortly after, you actually are old as shit. Album that was 20 years old when I personally bought UTTAD just for perspective: fucking Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. You know?

No one replied to, "hey let's go in the studio" with "nah, let's play xbox and re-release R2T instead"

edit: Oh god, just remembered Animals came out in 1977. When I heard that the first time it already felt so old and now I feel older as I turn 40 very soon :-(
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