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Originally Posted by MaLaKaS View Post
The verses in the reworked version are nice, but the transition out of the verses were really weird and the flow hit a brick wall. I don't know if I'm explaining it right, but there is just something off with the 2013 versions. Also, Boyd made that chorus and he wasn't existent on those versions. I'm glad that they brought the song back, as it definitely was my favorite 2004 song, but it just felt neutered. The song lost its soul, along with "Sugar Will" and "Good Good Time".
I think this is one of the few songs that are better in DMB 3.0. The song sounds great now, in fact i didnt enjoy any of the 04 versions of the song so this is what turned me on to it. I love jeff's solo on this now, i just thought with LeRoi it meandered too much. one of the few, almost reminds me of Bismark now.

Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
Hey! This has already been addressed here by others. No dancing! You will sit quietly in your seat throughout the performance!
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