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Originally Posted by crazycreep View Post
So right about the 04 songs losing their soul....the sugar wills were so hypnotic....and the good good times are amongst my fav songs period....shame they couldn't pull together an album from that material...was an exciting tour to witness, almost as good as 00
There's mostl likely multiple studio takes of all these songs from different sessions. It was pretty much confirmed they worked on Sugar Will both with Batson and Cavallo. And based on how Sugar Will, Crazy Easy were "reworked" shows that they were at least working on them either to record or because they had recorded them. Especially those songs I have no doubt they recorded them, they are way too "finished" sounding since 2013 so I think most likely they exist.

Seems like this new Cavallo album they've been working on possibly as far back as 2013 which would be nuts. They could have 35-40 songs they've been toying with, well never know.
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