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Originally Posted by JustinC View Post
They didn't bring multi-track recording equipment to every show back then.
Starlake was a show they decided to record in multi. Vernon Downs wasn't.
Tascam DA-88's (their multi machine) could be finicky. That's the only real explanation I can think of. There's no confirmation that they didn't run multis at Vernon Downs

"Paul began doing 32 track DA-88 recording in Summer/Fall 1994,
and has done every show since then on 32 track, with only a few
exceptions." - Shapiro

Find it very unlikely they ran them at Star Lake and decided to send the machine straight to Maine for Lemonwheel to forgo its use at Vernon Downs. The "exceptions" that Kevin is talking about are shows like Japan '99, not cherry picking their domestic shows.
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