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Originally Posted by phishb13 View Post
i thought the same thing about the length of the show after listening to a Morristown stream on Thursday night, but I went back and looked at the shows from last year and they were about the same length (~105-110 minutes)

trey is having so much fun at these shows- what a great way to connect with fans
Yeah, wish I went to that Morristown show, it's right near me, tickets were really tough to get though. Watchted the show on youtube as well, seems like a good time--definitely a short show, but then again it is just a solo acoustic show. The set from Morristown wasn't quite my favorite either, but to see Trey in an intimate setting like that, must be awesome. And his stories were pretty funny too. A shame we probably won't ever see Dave and Tim in venues that small again for a long time.
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