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Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
I think is great... I've spent a lot time there the past couple of months, looking at setlists, reviews etc.

Speaking of which, I had no idea that the Destiny Unbound they played at the 2.28.03 Nass. Col. show I was at was such a huge bustout until looking at last night... I didn't know the song and honestly don't even remember it from the show, really just remembered the Bathtub Gin, Tweezer, and Contact
That second set is definitely one of the best of 2.0, Soul Shakedown Party bustout too, and the rare Round Room I have a soft spot for. Mexican Cousin too. As I mentioned earlier the show just before it 2/26/03 is one of my favorites as well, the side project first set, great Maze set closer, Ghost>Low Rider>Makisupa>Ya Mar.
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