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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
I love the 11/1/2009 Indio show, with the long acoustic morning set. It's got a lot of mellow songs that aren't played very often and is a good listen on its own before the 2 set night show. The songs they normally play like McGrupp, Curtain With & Wilson all acoustic sound great. The electric show is fantastic as well.

I've listened to every note of 2011, not nearly as much of 2012, but I really like Deer Creek 1 & Jones Beach 2.
I love the Festival 8 acoustic set! Good festival. I have all of 2011, so I'll see about maybe getting DC1 and JB2 from 2012.

Originally Posted by dmb726525 View Post
8/31/12 - Dick's with the best Light ever IMO
10/29/13 - Reading was probably my favorite of the fall tour, but can't go wrong with 11/1 or 10/26 either
I'm not a big Light fan but I've read that 8/31/12 show is really good. I already have 11/1, but I'll check out 10/26 and 10/29
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