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Originally Posted by Josh.0 View Post

Drives me nuts that so many places with “order at the counter and bus your own dishes” service print tip lines on receipts.

It’s getting out of hand, and I feel like it’s to help people get livable wages when employers won’t do that for them.
Right. Tipping at restaurants is like, “I get it, you make $3 an hour to cover taxes and you live on tips. I get it.” When I go to buy an overpriced americano at a coffee shop, why am I expected to tip? Or riding in an uber? I wanted a service for a price, you provided me with a service for that price. We both win.

My biggest pet peeve is breweries now. I go into a brewery and grab 2 4 packs for $30. Then they spin that ipad around for me to sign and it gives me 15%, 20%, 25% tip options in my face. For literally handing me cans of beer that is top$ to begin with? Fuck you. I get that people should have the option to tip IF they want to, but be made to feel like shit because you don’t is not really okay either.
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