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Originally Posted by ethaxton View Post
The NFL suspended four players in the Saints' bounty scandal: Jonathan Vilma, all of 2012; Anthony Hargrove, 8 games; Will Smith, 4 games; and Scott Fujita, 3 games.
I'm loving the fallout from the players on this.
  • Mark Ingram is saying it's giving them a chip on their shoulder and they'll come out stronger.
  • Lance Moore is a pussy and saying he can't say what he really wants to say.
  • Chase Daniels is calling out the NFL for not informing Vilma earlier, and he supposedly found out from Sportscenter.
  • Reggie Bush is saying the NFL is going to turn into two-hand touch.

The funny thing is none of these guys are looking at the real basis of the suspensions handed out, the bounty system! I used to like Reggie, but with his little childish comments about it turning into flag football are ridiculous. It's not that you can't hit guys hard... you can. However, you can't target someone's ACL with a price tag on it.

Oh, and gotta love a tweet I saw from ESPN Stats that said Will Smith has led the team with 12 sacks in the past 2 season... 12 SACKS. That's pathetic
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