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Originally Posted by Huff View Post
I'm sure that's a possible explanation. Another could be that his prior attempt at suicide was a passive attempt as well (headshot = done deal, driving off a cliff or shooting wildly into the chest provide more of a chance of living through it) and he was just crazy/bi-polar/depressed.

I'm sure they'll do a head study. And I'm sure it'll show some damage because THE GUY PLAYED A SPORT WHERE YOU HIT YOUR HEAD FAIRLY OFTEN. Not really rocket science. But did it cause him to be crazy? Or did the crazy personality exist BEFORE playing and just provide an added intensity that made him awesome on the field? In today's world we focus on issues from damage done via playing as the culprit, but why does no one stop to wonder if they were already batshit crazy to begin with? Thousands play these sports and don't have the crazy depression, etc. that a handful have.
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