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Originally Posted by Jfaspen View Post
I'd like to see the band do even a short tour with a standardized preplanned setlist.
I know.. I know..

But I keep thinking back to the Coldplay show I saw last week. It was incredible. There was not a clunker song. The show was paced perfectly. The setlist spanned their entire catalog. Perhaps it was more of a production than a concert, but it's the most fun I've had at a live show in years.

I'd like to see DMB sit down and really put some effort into creating a master setlist. Maybe varying the encore. They could include videos of Roi, Butch, etc. Great songs.. In a great order. No show stoppers.. No Seven in a spot when the show is ready to take off and the air goes out of it.

I've seen DMB about 50 times. In that.. I think i've seen less than 10 shows that are nearly perfect start to finish. This would be different, but I'd be curious to see what it looks like.
That would be the absolute worst thing they could possibly do. Nothing screams nostalgia act like doing that. No thanks. And honestly for trying to suggest DMB try something that Coldplay does is like grounds for suspension from TDC.

And even if they tried doing that, we all know it would fall short. Daves master setlist would include stuff like death in high seas, sister, can't stop, etc. there's no way to span their whole career in a show and have 0 clunkers. The last 10+ years of material have been majority of clunkers
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