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Originally Posted by mjf View Post
Agreed. I really hope this happens soon. Especially if he hooked up with a producer like Lanois and did outside the DMB sound

At this point I have zero interest in another DMB album
I know Lanois has been discussed quite a bit in the past, but for some reason I've been watching videos about Lanois lately and was thinking again that Dave really should work with him at some point. Obviously Dave has given him the nod of appreciation with the cover songs he's done. I agree that a Dave solo album with Lanois could be special. I'm also more interested in a Dave solo album at this point than anything else. I mean if the band worked with Lanois I'd be down for that as well!

To the original topic, I think when Dave and Lillywhite touched base after all those years it was initially to sit down and record a bunch of their b-sides (I think)...and it turned into away from the world. I wouldn't mind Lillywhite being in charge of a b-sides album of theirs. I really had no problem with the direction of away from the world either honestly as I felt like it put them on solid footing for a change.

It's really hard to come up with what I'd like to see from the band ongoing though. I kind of thought Jeff would feature more prominently than he has in new songs, but that hasn't been the case so far. I wouldn't mind seeing more looser jam type songs from them, but they've moved so far away from their original sound it's hard to imagine that happening. I'm not opposed at all to a new sound from them, but I think they've really struggled to find a new sound that works for them as a band.
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