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Originally Posted by Caveat Emperor View Post
There's a large part of me that hopes he tells the 49ers to fuck off and signs with Dolphins.

Career wise, it'd be a shit decision. But it'd be amusing as hell to watch the entire Niners organization step on their own dick and be forced to bring in someone like John Beck or Josh Johnson to play quarterback.
I honestly think if it's not Smith, then Kaepernick will be the starter. The Niners have to like enough and have enough faith in him to go after Manning knowing that this scenario could play out, there's competent people running the show here....I think that was the plan either way, having Manning for a few years, or signing Smith to this 3 year deal they have on the table, then thinking Kaepenick will be ready to go. Now it just might be expedited....but I think Smith is coming back anyways. It's either going to a Dolphins team that has no one on offense except Bush, and that no one wants to go to, or come back with a little hit to your ego. But being in the Bay, one thing we know out here is that Alex loves to prove people wrong, and this would be the biggest time he could do so....
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