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Following in the footsteps of peers like Bob Dylan and Keith Richards, Neil Young is planning to publish his autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, in late 2012. Emphasis on the word "planning," as Young is notorious for announcing future projects only to pull the plug at the last minute. A project so revealing for the famously private singer-songwriter seems like it's destined to come off the rails at some point. (Just ask biographer Jimmy McDonough, who's flawed but essential Shakey: Neil Young's Biography was held up for three years by Young after he granted the author personal access.) But Young seems to have embraced telling his own story for the masses. "I felt like writing books fit me like a glove," he said. "I started and I just kept going. That's the way my Daddy used to do it on his old Underwood up in the attic. He said, 'Just keep writing, you never know what will turn up.'" [Via The Guardian]
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