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Originally Posted by bbycrei View Post
Yah back when I first started I seemed to like Jeff better than Howard (I had some old soundboard back from 92 or 93 when they did that NYC tour). After I bought the self titled album I know there are some songs that Howard does much better than Jeff (Half Moon Bay for example).
I agree on Half Moon Bay, and I like Howard on Sinister Minister, and a couple others.

On the other hand, I've absolutely loved Jeff's quirky-ness on Frontiers this year. Frontiers has always been a great tune, and he really gave it what it needed to be a major live song.

To take it a step further, his work on the soprano in general has been out of this world. It's so nice that he has a few more soprano songs to play with now. I remember back in '04 Bela was saying he randomly threw Stomping Grounds into the middle of the set because Jeff hadn't used his Soprano all night. Now it's kind of the other way around. Loving the soprano, keep it up Jeff.

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