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Originally Posted by BeaufordBuddy View Post
But for me it was because I made the decision to join the military after high school. Knowing I likely wouldn't be able bring it with me where I went I sold it on eBay.
Funny enough, I was actually in an Officer Training Program (or ROTC) at A&M when I got rid of mine. Had even been to OCS at Ft. Lewis. At the time I fully intended on doing the same, so that weighed pretty heavily into the decision as well. Never turned out to be the case though. I backed out because the Army had done a good number on me by lying to me about flight school availability. Instead of sacking up and serving time doing something I didn't want to do, I backed out. Still struggle with that to this day. Its the source of a lot of guilt that I have from that time in my life.

But its all in the past, not to get all on ya. Thanks for serving all the same, from a guy that wasn't man enough to go through with it. Its people like you that give a lot of undeserving people, myself included, the freedoms we have in this country.

Originally Posted by BeaufordBuddy View Post
It's great that you were able to buy back your original kit. I can't believe they haven't sold it.

As a drummer you'll never forget your first.
I was surprised by this too. I never told the rest of the story about picking it up that day. The guy that runs the pawn shop is also a drummer, said he had sold at least 10 kits in that time frame. He kept buying them and storing them upstairs to bring down to the shop floor one at a time. Because of this, mine was buried in the back of the pile, and had only just been moved down to the floor about 2 months ago after its initial floor-room stack 5 years ago that saw a guy put it on layaway and never make further payments for it. So it went back upstairs. Insane.

He said he's never had something sit for that long, much less selling it back to the original owner. Sometimes this happens to smaller pieces of jewelry, but not for more than a year or so. I got lucky. Guess it was 'meant to be'.
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