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Originally Posted by Tomacco View Post
Excited to follow these sets this weekend. Last year we got some new covers and a couple nice guest spots. This time Bela is there, so that alone will definitely produce a couple incredible guest spots. We could get new covers. But more than anything, maybe some new songs.
Couldn't agree more. Last year Mexico shows were the most interesting shows of the entire year (aside from maybe a couple others). A lot of bustouts, debuts and guest spots and overall the performances were really solid. I still hope one of those shows gets released sometime...though like you said, these have potential to be even better with Bela there. Having the 3 nights and being forced not to repeat songs is a BLESSING and really allows for not only things to get interesting, but also allows Dave and Tim to loosen up. Brandi is also there, so Spoon is another strong possibility since they did play it this past summer.
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