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Just wanted to post again and bring this back to the band/Dave's lyrics. I've started listening through different shows in different years to get back into this band before I see them again in May and Die Trying from LT 6.28.08 came on.

The lyrics can be applied to a lot of different things, but immediately thought about this subject.

To change the world
Start with one step
However small
First step is hardest of all
So if you can't get solar panels and an EV right this second, start with something small - one thing, whether it's solar panels first, or an EV first, switching over to wind energy from your utility, or simply eating plant based burgers from Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger. (My wife and I just tried the Beyond Burger for lunch today and it's great). Not eating meet uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Once you get your gait
You'll be walking tall
That's what I've done.....we've been on wind for years now, getting an EV soon, and then in a few years adding solar and battery storage.

It feels great to know I'm helping the world become less toxic now and for future generations. Anyway....happy Sunday!
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